5 twitter alternatives

Why people looking for twitter alternatives?

Most of you know about Twitter’s controversial changes. Twitter users are increasingly seeking alternatives. You? Let’s see what’s available and explain the Twitter controversy if you haven’t already.

A forecast predicts that over 30 million Twitter users will leave in the next two years due to technical issues and offensive content after Elon Musk’s $44bn takeover.

The market research agency Insider Intelligence expects global monthly users to drop by nearly 4% next year and 5% in 2024, totaling 32 million.

However, many people deleted their Twitter accounts and are looking for alternatives due to the latest situation.

You may already know that Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition caused the changes. So what is the best alternative to twitter?

List of Twitter alternatives here:

1. Mastodon

Mastodon Twitter Alternative
Mastodon Twitter Alternative

Mastodon can replace Twitter and became #1 in twitter alternatives. It lets you post “toots” that followers can see. Mastodon allows 500-character toots, unlike Twitter. Other key differences exist.

First, it is decentralized, meaning no one company controls the platform. Instead, a network of independent servers with rules and community guidelines runs it. Mastodon is more censorship-resistant.

Mastodon is open-source, so that anyone can see and edit the code. It’s more open and accountable than Twitter.

Mastodon’s Top Features:

  • Decentralized Mastodon has no central authority.
  • Mastodon is ad-free.
  • Privacy-friendly Mastodon.
  • Mastodon supports ActivityPub.
  • Mastodon supports 2FA (2FA).
  • Mastodon has dark mode for low-light use.
  • Mastodon supports @-mentions to a specific user.
  • Mastodon does not track or use your data.

Website: https://www.joinmastodon.org

2. Similar Worlds

Similar Worlds Twitter Alternatives
Similar Worlds Twitter Alternatives

Similar Worlds is a social networking website that connects people with similar interests, personalities, and experiences.

Users can read and learn from other’s stories, which helps them avoid real-world mistakes. After Experience Project closed, Similar Worlds launched in 2017. This is 2nd most among twitter alternatives.

Thus, Similar Worlds became an ideal alternative for Experience Project users looking to continue sharing their stories online.

Similar Worlds had many of Experience Project’s features, including letting users share their life stories.

Users could form or join communities and interact based on these experiences and interests.

The developers added Story & Photo Reactions, which lets users react to stories with emojis to make the experience more fun.

Online Status Control controls your online presence.

Users can earn coins. These coins can buy gifts, avatar clothes, and other fun new features.

Improved security reduces sensitive content and protects users from malicious activity.

Similar Worlds offers View Profile Visitors, Invisible Mode, Remove All Advertising, and more with a subscription.

Similar Worlds requires an email or Google/Apple ID registration. It’s on the App Store and Google Play.

Some users have had bad experiences with this website.

Cyberbullying, spamming, and unwanted sexual advances have been reported on this site. Others claim moderators unfairly ban less popular users.

Allowing minors in a community that promote anonymity is another drawback.

Thus, young people often meet strangers randomly. Strangers can be serial killers or pedophiles, putting minors at risk. Faking age is possible.

Website: https://www.similarworlds.com

3. Mumblit

Mumblit Twitter Alternatives
Mumblit Twitter Alternatives

Dislike social media posting restrictions? Mumblit rocks! Similar Worlds is a social networking site.

Mumblit supports free speech. The platform supports alternative viewpoints. Ad-free Mumblit loads quickly.

Mumblit is popular because it’s uncensored. Mumblit’s UI is simple, and its privacy settings are good. This platform is purple Twitter. Follow, unfollow, and block other Mumblit users. They can post photos, videos, hashtags, and comments. Users can create business ads and more.

The platform does not restrict content, but it does have rules. For instance, you cannot submit copyrighted content without permission or legal authority.

Mumblit requires an email and password registration. Logging in displays your profile.

Website: https://www.mumblit.com

4. WT.Social

WT Social twitter Alternatives
WT Social twitter Alternatives

WikiTribune Social, founded by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, is another Similar Worlds alternative as well as one of the popular twitter alternatives among these 5 websites.

Like Similar Worlds, WT.Social lets you explore only your interests. Thus, no algorithmic suggestions. WT.Social covers news, not personal topics.

SubWikis, topic-specific threads, make up WT. Social. SubWikis resemble Reddit subreddits.

SubWiki members can share text, links, and media. SubWiki users can comment and upvote posts.

WikiTribune Social’s independence from advertisers is impressive. Ad-free, the platform only promotes the company’s other apps and products.

WikiTribune Social is free with Facebook or Twitter. Sign up on the homepage and choose your language.

After signing up, you’re automatically enrolled in several SubWikis on the “Onboarding” page. Long Reads, Fighting Misinformation, and Weird News.

Leave if none of these SubWikis interest you. Select Edit to edit SubWiki descriptions.

iOS and Android don’t have WT.Social.

Website : https://wt.social/

5. Reddit

Reddit twitter alternatives
Reddit twitter alternatives

Since Reddit is popular, few words are needed. It’s a Twitter alternative now.

Post text, images, links, and other multimedia on Reddit. This division allows everyone to join online communities that suit them.

Comment and vote on others’ posts. Subreddits are topic-based communities with their own culture, rules, and users.

You’ll get a real-time notification when a post you follow gets an upvote or downvote.

Turn on comment notifications by clicking the drop-down menu under your username. Select “Turn off comment notifications” to disable notifications.

Reddit lets users define themselves with anonymous profiles.

Live video streams are another cool feature when users discuss topics on the site.

Premium Reddit costs $5.99 monthly. Ad-free browsing and r/lounge are available to subscribers.

If you prefer dark over light, the site has a dark theme. The app is free on the App Store and Google Play.

Some great features of reddit

  • Integration with Spotify and Soundcloud for music sharing
  • Voting on content
  • Several languages
  • Over 50M daily users
  • Business version available

Website : https://www.reddit.com

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