How much does TikTok pay you for your videos?

Join this social network now! Making videos is enjoyable and lucrative. Read on to learn when TikTok pays you. Nothing beats getting paid to do what you love. TikTok allows this. Join this platform and follow our advice.

TikTok account growth

Grow your account and learn how to make money and how much you get paid. Consider these first.


Communicate and comprehend. Know what your audience wants. This ensures your followers like your stuff. Hence, first, determine what you can offer your followers: are you a good singer, musician, artist, dancer, or comedian? Sometimes you need to improve at something humorous. Be encouraged—we all have something to offer. Just know what and how to give.


Constantly share content. Otherwise, you may lose followers, and many may ignore you because you need something new to contribute. Remember that the internet moves too fast, so if you only have one or two viral videos, your popularity will be short-lived.

Choose a theme

Choose a specialty. You pick a theme to expand faster. If you can sing, make singing videos.

Profile perfection

Important. You must present yourself here. It would help if you attracted followers. As it’s their initial impression, enhance your profile. Choose a photo that reflects you or your videos. You can instantly modify your profile photo if you don’t have one like this.

Start with an easy-to-read, write, and remember username. So people can find you more. Carefully disclose profile information. Misusers of TikTok exploit your data. Secure data.

Increase TikTok followers

Share your videos on other platforms.

Send your Android TikTok videos to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. Remember that TikTok is a new social network, so make your videos viral on other popular networks with more members.

Get views to become an influencer.

Followers directly increase views. Be active and remember the above ideas. They are promoting TikTok on other social media.

But, you can leverage trendy hashtags in Tiktok or create popular challenges to draw more visitors to your videos. Naturally, collaborate with other content makers to share audiences and increase views.

The creator fund startled us in September. About what? It awards millions to platform-dedicated content developers.

So, professional account holders that submit movies can earn a small amount for views.

Most of all, it’s ad-free. TikTok encourages influencers and attracts new users to improve their videos. TikTok: Want to make money? Let’s see how to get it.

How can I make money using TikTok?

What does TikTok pay for followers

Though few, the standards are difficult to meet. We’ll explain how to get money on TikTok by uploading videos.

If you are under 18, they cannot accept you. 10,000 followers are required—a minimum of 10,000 views in 30 days.

Apply for the creator’s fund. The platform automatically validates data if you meet them, so you’ll get money quickly. Read how to obtain followers fast to meet creator requirements.

How much can I make using TikTok?

TikTok doesn’t disclose how much it compensates its content creators. You can only receive estimations, but if TikTok has multiple ways of making money, the goal is maximizing revenue.

What does TikTok pay creator pool views?

TikTok does not specify video earnings. Several users report earning 2–3 cents per 1,000 views. We need a million-view video to win 30 dollars.

For beginners, it can be overwhelming. Original, high-quality videos are needed to go viral and produce money.

What does TikTok pay for followers?

According to Business Insider. Sponsored posts cost $100 per 10,000 followers. Being an influencer and attracting more people is a great way to make money.

TikTok pays how much for likes?

On TikTok, they pay inexactly. You pay according to your followers and views. However, our publications are more viral with more likes. Yahoo Finance estimates 200,000 dollars per 2 billion likes.

How TikTok calculates?

One app that estimates TikTok pay is the calculator. It’s easy to use—write the username you want to calculate your income in the app, click “calculate,” and the extension automatically shows us the data and how much TikTok pays that user.

The user’s followers, likes, comments, engagement, and score determine this data.

How to join the TikTok creators fund?

Change your account to a creator account first. This is simple. After clicking on your profile in the app, find the three dots in the top right corner.

Choose “Manage account” and “Switch to Pro account.” To switch to an author or company, follow the instructions.

You can join the creator fund with your creator or professional account if you qualify. Close the app to update.

Go to profile settings again in TikTok—author, then TikTok Creator Fund. Apply if you meet the requirements and wait.

Activating creators fund

After completing the previous steps, fill in more information, such as:

  • Names.
  • Address.
  • Whether you pay the taxes directly or passively
  • Capitalize the VAT and NIF details.
  • Applying activates your TikTok creator fund. You can reapply 30 days after rejection.

Another TikTok revenue stream

Another TikTok revenue stream

Direct brand deals can help TikTok users make money. They are promoting a product or app while sharing content and making money.

As your convening capacity in this network grows, brands pay more for your videos and approach you to promote their products.

One product-promotion video per 10,000 views costs brands $1,000–$2,000.

Cross-promoting ads on other platforms is another way. This means you can use TikTok to ask your followers on another Instagram to follow you on Instagram.

Earn money by performing live. Remember that live streaming for at least two hours will grow your reach. Live video viewers determine your earnings.

How can TikTok pay me more?

1500 followers trigger TikTok payments. TikTok pays more for more subscribers.

TikTok pays around $100 per 10,000 followers streaming. From 1500 followers, turn your hobby into a career.

TikTok followers

Increasing your audience and followers is the first step to monetizing your account.

To sign contracts with brands and earn money on TikTok, you must be 18 years old and have your parents’ consent.

Tiktoks can make money through sponsorships, merchandise sales, live streaming, and affiliate marketing. TikTok is a young platform with a different advertising model than other social media. Each video does not have ads yet.

Live broadcasts are a good way to start without having 1500 followers and being relevant because viewers can donate “gifts” that can be exchanged for diamonds, which can be exchanged for real money in your PayPal account.

The exchange rate and price of the currencies used to buy gifts are highly variable, and you can only redeem it when you reach $100, with a weekly maximum of $1,000.

Keep your posts consistent with many hearts (likes) and comments to show brands that your content is engaging and that you interact with your followers.

Hashtag challenges promote content and advertise products or services. If you want to make money, find brands and contact them via Instagram, Facebook, email, etc. Please introduce yourself, show your content, channel, material, audience, and everything else they need to see you as a potential product promoter.

Use TikTok to gain followers and community on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube to boost your account value and attract more brands.

How does TikTok Bonus work?

If a user signs up using your invitation code, you get paid. The “TikTok Bonus” code in the upper left corner of your profile shows your monera balance and its dollar equivalent.

For each friend who downloads and logs in using your code, you will earn coins according to their use. If you use it for over 5 minutes, 3 or 7 days, you will receive 2, 4 or 8 coins.

Can TikTok Bonus users make money?

TikTok Bonus earnings. You get paid when your friends download and log in to TikTok using your invitation code. Users who stay for 7 days earn $0.10, $0.20, or $0.40 per referred friend.

Invite new users with your code. What’s my code?

The app has a “TikTok Bonus” icon that displays your coins and invitation code. Please copy the code and share it with friends on social media.

How to attract users?

Today’s social networks are the easiest. You are sharing your code on social media. Invite users to join the app with your invitation code and follow you to gain more followers.

Check Facebook for TikTok users.

First, link Facebook and TikTok. Apps. Enter the “Me” section, click the “+” symbol, and the app will offer to “invite friends, search for contacts, and find Facebook friends.”

This last option will show us a list of Facebook-registered contacts we can follow.

Can TikTok newbies make money?

Of course, there is always time to start making money, but first, we must use the implication and see how they pay you under 1500 followers.

Option 1: Register with a friend’s code.

Sharing invitation codes creates a chain of help for everyone. Remember that using the Android app with the code will earn more money over time.

Sharing your invitation code with friends from other social networks is the easiest and fastest way to make money.

Option 2: Posting a new video

After creating your account, upload videos and invite people to use the app to follow you and watch your videos. You’ll earn money as your followers and views grow.

Option 3: TikTok video share

Share your videos on TikTok or other social media to gain more followers and increase your exposure.


TikTok does not pay users for videos, views, or followers. However, its Creator Fund, brand partnerships, and live streams allow content creators to make money. Earning money on TikTok requires high-quality content, follower engagement, and following community guidelines. Creativeness, hard work, and luck determine TikTok’s success. TikTok can give creators a platform to show off their skills and make a living from their passion if they stick with it.

TikTok revenue streams in details once again:

Creator Fund: TikTok pays creators based on video views and engagement. Payment ranges from $0.01 to $0.02 per 1,000 views.

Brand Deals: Many brands partner with TikTok creators to promote their products. Brand deals can pay a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the creator’s following and engagement.

Live streaming on TikTok lets creators make money. Livestream viewers can send virtual gifts to their favorite creators for real money. Livestreaming earnings depend on viewership and creator popularity.

Merchandising: Some TikTok creators sell clothing and other products to make extra money.

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